What is the Packing Declaration? Why do I need a packing declaration?

A packing declaration is a letter that tells Customs and the Quarantine & Inspection Service the type of packing material that is used in the goods for ocean freight shipments. The supplier will need to fill out the packing declaration on the form with the date. The freight forwarder will check on the packing declaration form to gets it right for export. The packing declaration is LCL, FCL shipments and an Annual Packing Declaration. Annual Packing Declaration can be provided by Freight Forwarder to completed and filled out for each supplier and will last for 12 months. For ocean freight containers
When loading ocean freight containers destined for any of these countries, the Freight Forwarding has to complete a wood packaging declaration, confirming that the packing materials inside the container adhere to the ISPM15 regulations that as guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade, whether pallets/crates or indeed any wood blocking used to secure the load. It is to establish internationally accepted phytosanitary measures for regulating wood packing material in trade. The aim of these regulations is to reduce the risk of spread of high impact forestry pets which are associated with the movement of wood packaging materials from raw wood. Without applying ISPM 15 treatment, the shipment will be delayed, rejected or destroyed by the recipient country.

Approved IPPC mark on at least 2 visible sides of WPM. Size, font types, and the position may vary but must be sufficiently visible without visual aid for checking by inspectors. Only accredited pest control company or treatment provider. Shipper/ exporter duty to verify that all their WPMs bear the approved marks prior to loading.

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